Photo of Duan

Christina Duan

DHC Graduate Assistant


Digital Humanities Center

Christina Duan (also known as just Duan) is a Chinese-American student at Barnard College trying to discover who they are and hope to create spaces where others can grow comfortably into themselves. They’re studying computer science on the urban planning track and hope to create a pathway with ethical tech and ui/ux design, but truly just want to be a farmer.  Recently, they’ve been immersed in traditional lion dance (even though it is very hard!), photography, the written word, and helping out where they can. They believe that creating is an act of resilience in and of itself – I was here, I am here, and I will be here – and they are hoping to carry that sentiment with them into the future. 
They are interested in Asian mental health and healing, as well as traditional art practices, love, and urban design. They’re excited to be in this space that is intentional about digital presence and impact.