Digital Humanities Center


Digital Humanities provides an essential understanding of the ways that technology can expand the scope of research, teaching and public engagement in the humanities: accommodating data, combining disciplines, connecting thinkers, and democratizing thought in capacious ways.

What are the Digital Humanities?

The digital humanities (DH) is a dynamic field comprising a diverse community of scholars, researchers, and instructors interested in pursuing research questions in the humanities while experimenting with innovative technological methodologies. As an expanding mode of scholarship, the digital humanities produces collaborative, trans-disciplinary, and computationally engaged research, teaching, and publications. 

Our Values

We value INCLUSIVITY, which means that in our spaces, communities, and conversations we center people who have been historically and are presently excluded.

We value SUSTAINABILITY, which means committing to understand, work with, and inform our community about how our personal and institutional choices do harm to the environment and therefore to the most vulnerable communities; we do so in partnership with existing entities on campus committed to these same goals. 

We value EXPLORATION, which means doing work based on and offering support for a generosity of ideas and perspectives, failing forward, and in a spirit of fearlessness and curiosity.

We value COLLABORATION, which means building non-exploitative relationships that sustain and reflect our communities.