After being nominated for a Digital Humanities Award in the category Best exploration of DH failure/ limitations,  “Digital Humanities and the Climate Crisis, a Manifesto” has won!  

Contributing to “Digital Humanities and the Climate Crisis, a Manifesto” are our very own: Alicia Peaker, Kaiama Glover, and Ana Lam who worked alongside other Digital Humanities scholars: Anne Baillot, James Baker, Madiha Zahrah Choski, Alex Gil, Walter Scholger, Tortsen Roeder, and Jo Lindsay Walton. A collaborative piece, the manifesto scrutinizes the impacts of digital humanities technologies on our environment and impels the global community of digital humanities scholars to take action. 

Digital Humanities Awards are a set of annual awards where the public is able to nominate resources for the recognition of talent and expertise in the digital humanities community. The resources are nominated and voted for entirely by the public. These awards are intended as an awareness raising activity, to help put interesting DH resources in the spotlight and engage DH users (and general public) in the work of the community. To find out more about the Digital Humanities Awards, visit their website

Other highlighted categories included: Best DH data visualization, Best use of DH for fun, Best DH dataset, Best DH short publication, Best DH tool or suite of tools, Best DH Training Materials, and a special category, Best DH Response to Covid-19. Check out the full list of nominees and awardees here.