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Feb 27

Encoding Tech Justice: Ritual #1 Cultivating Technologies of Presence, A Socio(Art!) Technical Approach

Milstein 103

Drawing on interdisciplinary scholarship, this teach-in experiments with lecture as a performative and educational medium, and will be enacted upon the audience as part theater show, part ritual healing circle, and part collaborative art making class. Viewers will derive a profound and critical understanding of the socio-technical nature of technologies that they habitually use and create as it pertains to internet behavior, UX/UI design and resource extraction in hardware and software development. The lecture performance will be guided by a set of modalities of thinking based in somatics, embodiment, presence as a form of technology, feminist indigenous environmental epistemologies, and black feminist technoscientific theory. Vegan Insomnia Cookies and light refreshments will be served. 

This teach-in will be recorded and led by Amalia Mayorga (CU '22) and hosted by the Digital Humanities Center.

Encoding Tech Justice Teach In Flyer

Amalia Mayorga is a multi-disciplinary artist and aspiring techno-anthropologist, living and working in New York. She is a graduate of the School of General Studies at Columbia University, and holds a degree in Social Cultural Anthropology with a concentration in Critical Technology Studies. Her artistic practice, at its core, endeavors to be a healing offering. Through various research modalities, Amalia investigates performance art and somatic healing practices as mediums to engage in embodied critical theory. Her passion is in bridging mechanized disciplinary worlds, and generating crucial conversations between the humanities and STEM fields. 


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