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Mar 29

Transforming Systemic Violence: Experiences of Female and Non-Binary Identifying Queer Migrants II


This queer migration/asylum series examines how intersecting forms of systemic violence shape the experiences of forced migration and everyday life for female- and nonbinary-identifying queer migrants who are living in, or seeking admission to, the United States. The series frames systemic violence that these migrants face as being rooted in and reproducing settler colonialism, colonialism, racial capitalism, and heteronormative gender and sexuality. Presenters will identify the challenges and risks that forced migration and/or seeking asylum creates for female- and nonbinary-identifying queer people on the move, and explore making change.

Recordings of Round Table I and Round Table II are available on the DHC's vimeo

Updated Queer Asylum 22 Flyer

Round Table I | March 22 | 12 PM-1:30 PM

Opening Remarks by Mengia Tschalaer (John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY) & Eithne Luibhéid (University of Arizona)

Presenter: Sandibel Borges (Women and Gender Studies, Loyola Marymount University)

Title of talk: The Criminal Alien Program: A Structure of Heterocolonialism

Presenter: Sharita Gruberg (LGBTQI+ Research and Communications Project - Center for American Progress)

Title of talk: Broken Promises: The United States’ failure to protect the health and safety of LGBTQI+ asylum seekers

Moderated by Ruben Zecena (English, Texas State University)


Round Table II | March 29 | 12 PM-1:30 PM

Presenter: Fanny Cata Gómez-Lugo (Georgetown University Law School)

Title of talk: LGBTQ Asylum Seekers from Central America

Presenter: Paulina Helm-Hernández (Foundation for a Just Society)

Title of talk: Queer Migration/ Asylum and the struggle for Gender and Sexual Liberation in our Lifetime

Presenter: Jamie Sgarro (Asylum Connect)

Title of talk: Why the Biden Administration Must End the Detention of Trans People

Moderated by Ruben Zecena (English, Texas State University)

Closing Remarks by Mengia Tschalaer (John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY) & Eithne Luibhéid (University of Arizona)


This event is organized by Dr. Mengia Tschalaer (University of Bristol) and Dr. Eithne Luibhéid (Unversity of Arizona) and is co-sponsored between the Barnard College Digital Humanities Center, the University of Arizona's Gender and Women's Studies department, the University of Arizona's Institute for LGBT Studies, and the Queer European Asylum Network.

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