Library Post-Baccs (CSC, Design Center, DHC, ERC, Media Center, Movement Lab) Share What They've Learned This Year

The Wikipedia entry for Awkwafina was created at Barnard during our 2013 Asian American editathon by then-IMATS Director Alexis Seeley.

April is packed with workshops, the continuation of the Feminist Film Series, and more.

Thank you to everyone who joined us to discuss Algorithms of Oppression!

The weather is freezing, but the library has events galore to keep you warm.

Congrats to all the grant awardees!

In this edition of the DHC newsletter, post-bac Sylvia Korman considers applying digital humanities methodologies to pre-digital texts, online glitch humor, and what they took away from the MLA conference.

This week in the DHC newsletter, explore a new tool from JSTOR that allows you to find articles that relate directly to specific lines from a source text, and the potential implications of this tool for how we read the works of the canon.

We're preparing for the many new faces and new events that spring semester will bring!

The Milstein Center officially opens its doors.