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New this month in the Barnard Library in the Milstein Center at Barnard College, Columbia University

Join us for a Wikipedia edit-a-thon inspired by our Algorithms of Oppression reading group!

Thank you to everyone who joined us to discuss Algorithms of Oppression!

The DHC is thrilled to co-sponsor this year's Scholar and Feminist Conference, on the Politics and Ethics of the Archive!

The weather is freezing, but the library has events galore to keep you warm.

It's a busy month for BLAIS!

“What emerges from these pages is the sense that Google’s algorithms of oppression comprise just one of the hidden infrastructures that govern our daily lives, and that the others are likely just as hard-coded with white supremacy and misogyny as the one that Noble explores.” (Wikipedia, Algorithms of Oppression)

We're preparing for the many new faces and new events that spring semester will bring!